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#285 closed Bug Report (fixed) dies even lv2core is found

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pretty much anything that depends on lv2core dies here after r1834 with following:

Checking for g++                         : ok
Checking for lv2core flags               : ok
/var/tmp/paludis/media-plugins-lv2-9999/work/lv2-9999/slv2/wscript:47: error: Required package lv2core not found

lv2core is there though.../usr/lib64/pkgconfig/lv2core.pc shows:

Name: lv2core
Version: 3.0

I guess the commit to in r1834 broke it. If I revert it, then everything compiles fine, beside lv2. That dies with:

Checking for lv2core flags               : ok                           
Configuration finished successfully (00:00:00); project is now ready to build.
Traceback (most recent call last):                                            
  File "./waf", line 127, in <module>                                         
    Scripting.prepare(t, cwd, VERSION, wafdir)                                
  File "/var/tmp/paludis/media-plugins-lv2-9999/work/lv2-9999/lv2/.waf-1.5.0-19849125d79546fd0d67533572fec9ee/wafadmin/", line 122, in prepare                                                                          
  File "/var/tmp/paludis/media-plugins-lv2-9999/work/lv2-9999/lv2/.waf-1.5.0-19849125d79546fd0d67533572fec9ee/wafadmin/", line 115, in prepare_impl                                                                     
  File "/var/tmp/paludis/media-plugins-lv2-9999/work/lv2-9999/lv2/.waf-1.5.0-19849125d79546fd0d67533572fec9ee/wafadmin/", line 173, in main                                                                             
  File "/var/tmp/paludis/media-plugins-lv2-9999/work/lv2-9999/lv2/wscript", line 77, in build                     
    build_plugin(bld, 'cc', i)                                                                                    
  File "/var/tmp/paludis/media-plugins-lv2-9999/work/lv2-9999/lv2/wscript", line 29, in build_plugin              
    bundle_path = bld.env['LV2DIRNAME'] + name + '.lv2'                                                           
TypeError: can only concatenate list (not "str") to list

But that would be an extra bug report.

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