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Various bugs

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I don't know which of these problems are worst and should I report them separately, but here they are:

  • Saving a patch with sub-patches causes Ingen to write a # symbol in the path (let's say, subpatch mixer > control_1 becomes #mixer/control_1) rendering the patches unusable and to crash ingen on import. I tried fixing this by replacing, ie. #Mixer with Mixer, making it possible to load them, but that brings me to the next problem:
  • If a patch has control inputs, the connections aren't saved properly and thus there are no connections when loading a patch with control inputs. Also deletes all non-internal components in this case. Not cool. x)
  • Context menu's plugins sub-menu not working, or at least it doesn't show anything except for the sum and stuff, which leads me to:
  • Sum, difference, etc. aren't working. Once you add them, it tells me they don't exist and adds a blank component, which on attempt to remove refuses and says the same thing again, not funny.
  • DSSI-plugins aren't listed, neither are the non-bundled LV2:s (and the bundled ones don't work, like I said), my mistake during config?
  • Crashes with certain LADSPA's, but I guess that has nothing to do with Ingen.
  • Cannot remove the midi control out and ins, nothing happens when attempted, manual removal renders the patch unusable and crash onload.
  • Who remembers a longer list than this? I think I encountered some more problems, but these are all I remember. Sorry, I didn't put any backtraces here, since I don't know what we're actually looking for yet, and putting backtraces of all those problems could be considered spam.

Anyway, the thing is this: so far, Ingen is the most impressive soft synth workstation I've encountered, so keep up the good work, and you'll bring the Major Corporations to their knees! ;)

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Eeck! Separate tickets please :) thanks for the testing/reports

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Ok, I'll post seperate tickets, just a moment or two. :)

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