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Running Ingen


If you want to run the GUI it should already be present in your desktop's application menu (or equivalent). If not, you can simply run it yourself: ingen -g

You will be presented with a dialog which lets you start your Ingen session. Because Ingen itself is a modular system, there are a few different ways you can use the system. Assuming you don't already have an Ingen server running, the relevant options are to run with an internal engine, or launch a server daemon and connect to that. The internal engine has less overhead, but running a separate server is much more stable (no matter what happens to the GUI the audio side of things will continue working). Running with a separate server is highly recommended if you're running Ingen out of SVN.

Your machine's network settings may be configured incorrectly which can cause problems. Running an internal engine will work around this, but please report the issue regardless in case it's actually an Ingen bug that can be fixed.

Running your own server

If you're doing something a little more interesting, you might want to run an Ingen server yourself and control it via OSC. Simply run ingen and the server will launch on the default port. To run on a specific port (or do anything else that isn't the default behaviour) see the output of ingen --help

Running from a source tree

It isn't necessary to install Ingen to have it run. If you wish to run from the source tree, the paths to the above programs are:

  • src/progs/server/ingen
  • src/progs/ingenuity/ingenuity

Always run them from the directory they reside in so they can find any necessary files. For example:

cd codesonnet/ingen
cd src/progs/server
cd codesonnet/ingenuity
cd src/progs/ingenuity

What's next?

You should now hopefully have Ingen running. See IngenBasics for an introduction on how to get started.