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Running Ingen

Monolithic (Engine and GUI in one process)

If you want to simply run Ingen as a graphical application it should already be present in your desktop's application menu (or equivalent). If not, you can simply run it yourself: ingen -eg

A window should show up containing the root patch, which will be empty since you just started ingen.

Running an ingen server

NOTE: Running a separate engine is currently/temporarily not supported. Use ingen -eg only!

If you're doing something a little more interesting, you might want to run an Ingen server yourself and control it via OSC. Simply run ingen -e and the server will launch on the default port, 16180. To run on a specific port (or do anything else that isn't the default behaviour) see the output of ingen --help

Running from a source tree

NOTE: Running from the source tree is currently/temporarily not supported. You must install!

It isn't necessary to install Ingen to have it run. If you wish to run from the source tree, switch to the directory src/procs/ingen and run (to just execute ingen) or ingen.dbg (to execute ingen in the debugger).

What's next?

You should now hopefully have Ingen running. See IngenBasics for an introduction on how to get started.